La canción del día: Sash! Feat Stunt – Raindrops

Hold my hand let’s chase the sun,
We both know something’s begun,
Nothin’ feels that real without you,
Wanna learn so much about you,
Shining star I’ve seen your face,
Everything falls into place,
Nothing else seems to matter,

Feels so lonely,
Won’t u show me,
Where I need to be,
You bring me to life.
(Encore une fois !)

Feels like the raindrops on my skin,
You reach me somewhere deep within,
You make my body come alive,
You bring me to life,
I whisper things you never knew,
I can’t believe that tonight i’m here with you,
You make my body cum alive,
You bring me to life.

See it burning in my eyes,
Don’t want words,
Don’t want no lies,
They say more than what is spoken,
Promises always get broken,
Feels so lonely,
Won’t you show me,
Where I need to be,
You bring me to life.

(chorus) x2

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