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Hay dos tipos de personas…

Películas utilizadas:
1) Pulp Fiction (Elvis people vs Beatles people)
2) Scent of a Woman (Face the music vs run for cover)

Section 1)
i) Anger Management
ii) Iron Giant
iii) Mean Girls
iv) The Longest Day
v) Gandhi
vi) Lawrence of Arabia
vii) Lemony Snicket

3) Little Miss Sunshine (Winners vs losers)
4) School for Scoundrels
5) Little Miss Sunshine
6) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
7) The Breakfast Club (born to be fat vs becoming fat)
8) Pink Flamingos (My kind of people vs assholes)
9) Tenderness

Section 2)
i) Cowboys and Aliens
ii) Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
iii) Paint Your Wagon
iv) Sweeney Todd

10) Transformers 3 (Thinkers, Doers, Winners, Dreamers, Buddies)
11) Dirty Work
12) Where the Buffalo Roam (Doomed vs Screwheads)
13) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Come in by the door vs window)
14) The Fisher King

Section 3)
i) Cocktail
ii) The Squid and the Whale
iii) My Big Fat Greek Wedding
iv) Jurassic Park 3
v) Insomnia
vi) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

15) Jurassic Park 3 (Astronomers vs Astronauts)
16) Anger Management (Explosive vs Implosive)
17) Paint Your Wagon (Going somewhere vs going nowhere)
18) Dirty Work (Getting stomped vs doing the stomping)
19) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Rope around neck vs doing the cutting)
20) Cocktail (Workers vs hustlers)
21) My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Greeks vs those who wish they were Greeks)
22) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (With loaded guns vs those who dig)
23) Nothing to Lose (Killers vs everyone else (yes yes yes yes))
24) What About Bob? (Those who like Neil Diamond and those who don’t)
25) When Harry Met Sally (High maintenance vs low maintenance)

Section 4)
i) Doctor Zhivago
ii) In Cold Blood
iii) The Italian Job
iv) Red Lights
v) The Boondock Saints 2

26) The Ladykillers (Those who’ve got piles vs those who gonna get them)

Section 5)
i) Rhinestone
ii) Unbreakable

27) Cowboys and Aliens (Criminals and victims)
28) Mean Girls (Doing evil stuff vs seeing evil stuff)
29) Black Roses (Pirates and faggots)
30) 500 Days of Summer (Women vs Men)

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